Exploring Stem Cell Therapy for Knees

Knee Therapy
Knee Therapy

Knee pain is very complex, and it can take a long time to recover from. Often, knee pain relates to damaged cartilage, tendons or ligaments, and this is something that is hard for the body to repair because the blood supply to those areas is not as strong as the blood supply to other parts of the body.

Stem cell therapy for knees can help the body to repair those damaged things. Bone marrow is rich in stem cells and also contains growth factors and cell signaling nutrients.

Treatments such as the ones offered by Complete Pain Care can help the body to repair itself, and can restore your knee back to its former functioning.

Stem cell therapy is an exciting thing, and a form of regenerative medicine that is still quite young, but that is gaining more and more acceptance and becoming widely available. It is known to be effective, but it was, until recently, relatively experimental.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy for Knees Work?

When you get Stem Cell Therapy, your platelet rich plasma will be drawn from the pelvic bone area, and the blood is then spun in a centrifuge to extract the platelets. That mixture might (but is not always) then mixed with fat to help activate the stem cells. The fat provides them with an environment in which they can multiply, and also provides a cushion.

Stem cells are a unique form of ‘unspecialised’ cell, and on demand they will develop into any other kind of cell, to repair or replace damaged tissue. Stem cells are, effectively, the body’s repair men. You can find stem cells in your bones, fat and blood – but they are generally mostly found in your bone marrow, and when they are exposed to certain growth factors, they will develop to become the type of cell that is needed to repair damaged tissue. In the right circumstances, a stem cell will produce more stem cells, helping the body to heal.

This is important because in certain areas of the body, where there is poor blood supply, stem cells don’t grow properly, and don’t get the healing signals required. Regenerative medicine, as Complete Pain Care offers, will help to promote healing and cellular regrowth, and promote blood flow where it may otherwise be lacking.

Stem cell therapy isn’t just used to repair knees, it can help with shoulder pain, hip pain, and even back pain, and can promote repair and regrowth in most injured body parts.

Th treatment is not currently covered by typical insurance policies, but it is something that is becoming increasingly popular and respected. It can offer a long term solution to a chronic problem, so it is well worth exploring as an option if you have been led to believe that your only other options are surgery or living with the pain. Good physiotherapy and stem cell treatments can help to cure knee problems that would otherwise linger for years and years.